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Review: Amish Christmas Memories by Vannetta Chapman

Amish Christmas Memories - Vannetta Chapman

A young man seems to be watching a young woman walking down his street or lane. When she is wabbling or weaving across the road and then falls. He springs into action. What happens to her. She has no coat on or hat?

How did she get to where she is? Caleb is worried about her once she falls into the snow. When she wakes up does not know how she got where is? All she remembers is Caleb holding her to him. He does take her to his parent home. They welcome her and try and help her. Who is she? The only thing that she has that tell anything about her is that of a book. Her name is in the book. Well her first name.

Things are hard for her and she want to remember? It will take some time, in the meantime, she gets to know Caleb and his family. As they get to know her. Will Caleb learn change is good as well as bad? Rachel seems to want to get Caleb to understand her. Will they find love together? It seems that Rachel really wants her memories back. Will she get them for Christmas?

Vannetta Chapman does a sweet and wonderfully good job of pulling you along for the journey. She takes your heart for a ride. Will they receive what they need and will god provide where they are to belong. Vannetta seems to be able to bring new illnesses through the eyes of Amish. This book about love but also learning to deal with amnesia. We can sometimes forget that our brains and Amish family deal with the same kind of injuries as everyone else. Will Caleb and Rachel both get what they need?


Review: The Shape-Shifter's Wife

The Shape-Shifter's Wife - Carolyn Radmanovich, Leslie Ann Clark, Mary Higgins Clark

Every wonder if you could travel back in time? But it feels so real that do you not know. A young woman some how travel back to the California gold rush Era. Once she does, she does not know why or the reason. She seem to take her time to adjust to the time period.

She meets a young man. She finds out that she need help a family get out of the family curse. To do this they need her. She learns about Indians culture and traditions. In the process she starts to fall in love with this young man.

She deals with this while her sister is still away. When she returns to her era, she does not know if she really was with a man named Reynard. She meets an Indian medicine man and go on a trip with her soul and life. 

Will she end up going back to her husband? How did she travel back to her world and still be pregnant with a child? What Shape-Shifter animal does she become? What ever happens to Joseph? Will she fulfill the reason of the family curse?

This is a great book for those that enjoy history. If you are into historical fiction or California gold rush this is the book for you. Are you into time travel. This one is filled with it. The author does a beautifully good job with telling the story though Angelica's and her sister.


Book Tour: Marine by Mark JG Fahey with Giveaway

Marine - Mark J.G. Fahey

Marine takes place about three years after Neb is on Halley's Casino. This book takes you on an adventure of it own. It also talks about Neb parents home planet and more about his parents. I gives you lesson about history or at least a bit about Neb's history or his parents for that mother. There seems to be something going on that makes Neb go after a star chart.

What is this star chart and why does everyone want it. There seems to be a dragon that guarding it and only one person who is to receive it. Mark put you in the story and you go for a ride. It adventures and filled with action.

Who are friends and who are foes? What is an Air-heart? What an Ice dragon? Whatever happen to here home? What or who is a water moon? It all started on Halley's Casino when Neb see two guest acting strange. I believe Mark doe a wonderful job with this story. I can not wait to pick up the next book. 


The Christmas Prayer

The Christmas Prayer - Wanda E. Brunstetter

Looking for a good Christmas story. Wanda give you one. I really liked it. They wonder what it like to be on trail to west to California. It about Three wagon trains that meet up and are all set to travel to get to California.

There a young girl that is to marry a fellow traveler? Will she do so to help her mother or will her heart win out? For there are two others that are interested in Cynthia. There are quite adventure for all of them.

They seem to get stuck in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Will they survive or will they not. Will Christmas bring them together or will is pull them a part. Will Cynthia get her Christmas payer be answered?

Wanda does a wonderful job with showing us the hardships of Oregon trails and natures? She show us what it like on the trails though a young woman and always the friendship that are built.


Amish Celebrations

Amish Celebrations: Four Novellas - Beth Wiseman

Amish Celebrations is really a combination of 4 stories in one book. They are all different but have something in common. They all are about celebrations.


Here are all the books and there reviews for each one.


The Gift of Sisters

Hannah and Elizabeth are twins. When a new boy comes to town, he seem to attracted both girls. They both fall for him in there own ways. He seem to have them pulling them away from each other. Will either one of them choose this new boy or will they both leave them.


Will it be two late to reunite to be sisters. One is doing something to protect her sister and the other think the other is trying to ruin her life and her love life at that. Will they find what best for them.


A New Beginning

Noah and Rebecca seem to be heading for marriage? Noah does something and make Rebecca think about getting married? What was it that Noah did? Will Noah walk way or will he forgive himself. What could Noah be struggling with? Rebecca is also navigation their relationship as well. Does she want to be with Noah or trust him?


A Perfect Plan

Priscilla knows who see was marrying since she way sixteen years old. Once the question is pop to her. They seem to think they know the prefect plan. God seem to have another plan or a bit of changes to that plan when one disaster will occurs after another. Is God testing there relationship?


There seems to be a special person who has something for both Chester and Priscilla. They each receive it at different times and separately. They are both told to not open it until there wedding day and not before and promised. Will they even get married or will they not?


A Christmas Miracle

Every feel overwhelmed with life or motherhood? Well, Mary feels this and does not know how to cope with her children. She seems to feel like she a bad mother. Though she got her husband and her husband seem to try and help. He for a loss to help her as well. Though he suggest that she ask her mother in law to help her.


There seem to be something more to stress of the marriage. Will her husband get some advise to help his marriage and his wife before it to late? There seems to be someone really important that happens when Mary befriends an elderly man in a red suit and his side kick elf?


I really like how this story outcomes turn out. Will Mary really get what needs and help she needs to cope with her situation. Does Mary's mother in law dislike Mary or is it something else.


Good Night, Baby Animals

Good Night, Baby Animals You've Had a Busy Day: A Treasury of Six Original Stories - Laura Watkins, Karen B. Winnick

Good Night Baby Animals teaches us what an animal does in six different stories. Sleep is important for a baby and baby animals. This is true for hamans as well. This book show use though the baby animals what they do during there day.

They explore and what they need to rest as well when the time is right. The author does a good job doing this and showing children and teaching children that sleep and rest is important to all including animals.

The pictures are colorful. They are done wonderfully. They also can tell the story for young children. Parents should have this for their young children to learn about animals and rest.


Sorry - Kinda Lost the Bingo

Sorry, September was busy and then not long after entering October things were a bit better but not much and then I goe though life and lost track of the Halloween Bingo. As to  books came in that i need to for Book Tours. Which I am glad I did do early and got them done.


Then my dad started wanting to know when was a good time for me to come down and that place over reading and keeping track. Other games came first. I was just enjoying tv and Football. I am now going to be going to my dad for a week in November. I was sick the last week so there goes more reading. This is the first time in a while That feel enough to want to sit here is type. I still got 4 books to review that read earlier this month. I am much better then I was a week go.

Blog Tour: Storm Taken by William Michael Davidson

Storm Taken - William Michael Davidson

Storm Taken is one action packed but also as some different elements to it. It was enjoyable and really a good way to look at a storm and the way we prescriptive them. Ever wonder what it like to look at thunderstorm and wonder it something of it own.


There a storm that taking be surprised by all. Things start to go missing? Is there someone taking things with out anyone knowing. To the locals on Naples they do not know that the storm is feeding on something until they are trapped on the island and can not get off or anyone can get on the island.


Can a storm feed of fear and make people to turn on one another or will they unite? I wonder about this if a storm really can feed off our fear? Is it some weather weaponize from the government? Is is a freak storm? To know for sure it hard to say. But the story behind it is good. There seems to be few plots and is there a mad man running around?


The author does a really good job with it. There seems to be a bit mystery. We learn that we may need to learn survive and get along with neighbors. Will the families work together or will they start turning on each other?



Book Tour: Murder By Perfection by Lauren Carr

Murder by Perfection - Lauren Carr


Lauren Carr has done it again. If you have read one of her books, you know that you have been hooked from that first one you read. You will want more. If you have not read Lauren Carr books you are truly missing out on some really good murders and murder mystery. She write so well that you will not be able to stop with one chapter.


Murder by Perfection is no different. We see that Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton are doing in there lives. Things looks like they are still enjoying there bliss but it starting to warn off as they both have busy schedules. Can they fix it? Will they be able to find time for themselves?


Things really start to get interesting once Murphy runs into an old buddy of his from his time at the academy. His buddy starts talking to him about making it work to keep his marriage work. Though his buddy and Captain want to talk to Murphy alone about something important?


By the time, Murphy get to the park, there a crime and he a witness to his navy buddy crime. We go for a ride with murder galore. Murphy goes missing? Who want him gone and took him. Jessica get a ransom and also bring in the Thornton family like, JJ Thornton, Joshua Thornton, NCIS Team and a few others. We even see Tristan Faraday involved.


Lauren Carr brings in drugs, kidnapping and so much more. I loved just about everything. You are keep guessing until the end. How is it all connected? What does Natalie Shepherd's life got to do with Murphy?




Will update my Halloween Bingo tomorrow

I finished my first Bingo slot yesterday. I just need to make updates for it and the called slots.

In Memory Of - My Precious Loving Baby Boy Pumpkin

    My Precious Loving Baby Boy Pumpkin


Patches and Pumpkin 
May 2006
Me holding Patches 
and Pumpkin
Pumpkin was my baby boy. Though he was a cat. I loved him and his brother Patches. I got them both together from a friend. I thank that friend for allowing me to take them both. We could not let one stay and the other not. So we keep them both.
Oh how I am glad we did. This brother and Pumpkin were a team and fun to watch. As kittens one was independent and the other was gentle and loved to be cuddled. Can you guess which was which. We named them Patches and the other Pumpkin. There names came from one being Orange and white and the other black and white with Patches. So, That is how they become to named. They came to me in May of 2006.
To Pumpkin, who this is to be about. I have memories of him. He was so sweet and loving. He sleep with me at night and he did up until month before he passed away. He was still wanted me to pet him and we wanted more when I went and found and pet him.
Christmas 2014
One other thing about Pumpkin is that he meow at me when he was hungry or when he was ready to go up to bed. It was funny but loving. He come find me and want me to go to bed and meow until either I took him up to bed or told him head on up and I be up.
Another memory I have of him is wanting to be petted while I was reading a book. Even if I was in bed and reading he swat at me playfully to pet him. He did this to me every night at least except for when he was hurting and the last month of before he passed away.
Pumpkin playing with Icicle
I know my pumpkin also loved to play with birds. If a bird end up in the house or in the basement of the house, the bird was alive and he still be playing with it. He was really gentle but playful and funny to watch. He was even like this after losing a leg and before say a month before he passed.
Me Holding Pumpkin
December 2017
He was loving and so sweet and will be missed. Those are the memories I will hold and remember and still do. I miss my baby boy Pumpkin and will love him. I understand why he was to go and wanted him not to suffer so when he passed on August 5, 2018. It was relief for me. I will miss him and love and still and will always will.


He was 12 years and few months old. Rest in Peace my baby boy. He passed away around 3:30 am on August 5, 2018. His brother Patches is still around. Check out my In Memory of Pumpkin or This one
Pumpkin and Icicle
RIP Pumpkin
Born: May 2006
Died: August 5, 2018

Monthly Wrap Up: August

August has flew on by. Summer is coming to end. School is starting back up for some. I look at August as a good decent reading month. Though for me I was dog siting for end of July early August. During the first weekend in August, I lost my baby boy Pumpkin.

August 5, early in the morning hours he passed away.  I came home Saturday and he my baby boy Pumpkin was in a lot of pain and I was in the middle of watching him pass and keeping eye on him and watch him suffer. I have a blog post for him which is called "In Memory Of - My Precious Loving Baby Boy Pumpkin". Take a look and read it.

Football back in season for me. My Pittsburgh Steelers are 3-1 for the preseason. The scores for the games maybe added to the monthly wrap up with the wins and lost or at least the win and loss for the month. Who knows. Lets Go Steelers.

Books Read in August:

  1. Death Logs Out by EJ Simon (Review coming Next Month)
  2. The Christmas Gate 2 by T.A.  Cline
  3. Ours for a Season by Kim Vogel Sawyer
  4. Bonjour!  Let's Learn French by Judy Martialay
So for the month of August, I have read a total of 845 Pages. You can see what my total for the month by book below.

Total Pages by book for August:

  1. Death Logs Out - 303 Pages
  2. The Christmas Gate 2 - 150 Pages
  3. Ours for a Season - 352 Pages
  4. Bonjour! Let's Learn French - 40 Pages
So Far for the 2018, the Total Pages Read is 9,486 Pages. That is a total of 8 months of this year. Take look at the total per month below.

Total Pages Per Month:

  1. January - 1,135 Pages
  2. February - 1,359 Pages
  3. March - 1,834 Pages
  4. April - 1,558 Pages
  5. May - 304 Pages
  6. June - 1,346 Pages
  7. July - 799 Pages
  8. August - 845 Pages
So Far as of 2018 the Total Books Read are 40 Books.

Total Books Per Month:

  1. January - 4 Books
  2. February - 7 Books
  3. March - 5 Books
  4. April - 7 Books
  5. May - 3 Books
  6. June - 6 Books
  7. July - 4 Books
  8. August - 4 Books
What was written and posted in August. Some of the books were read in 2018 and that is way you are see them posted in later months of 2018 as for I choose those dates for the tours. You will that I have Reviews that will be posted this year that go to book that were read before or during the previous month of 2018. Though I am trying to keep up with current reviews with book read this year there are some from back log. I just did not get to write the review. They will be marked.

Want to see all the wraps so far. Take a look Below at the list.

2018 Monthly Wrap Up:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May (this is a book off and I miscalculated when i did the wrap up. Sorry, Should have 3 book but only has two)
  6. June
  7. July
Rest In Peace:  
Pumpkin (My baby boy) - Cat
Senator John McCain
Aretha Franklin (Queen Of Soul)
What did you Read this month? Lose someone or furbaby this month? Read any Educational books for those at are going back to School?

Review: Ours for a Season by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Ours For a Season - Kim Vogel Sawyer

We meet Marty and her husband Anthony. We learn that they can not have biological children of there own. They seem to be having a hard time getting along. Marty seem to not be able to move on from the news and feeling likes something is missing. God seem to have bigger and better plan for her and Anthony.

We go though several different kinds of issues and Sawyer bring them to the for front. Brooke got to deal with painful disease and it is brought up which is Cancer. Will she beat it? What is Gods plan for Brooke. What is Gods Plan for Eagle Creek? God decides to bring Marty and Anthony to Kansas?

We meet a young teenager named Elliot and a young girl. Will there be healing for these three friends? Will a drifting marriage bring back to life? Will Brooke find her heavenly father? What could Gods big plans be to bring Marty and Anthony and Brooke together?


Review: Bonjour! Let's Learn French

Bonjour! Let's Learn French: Visit New Places and Make New Friends - Judy Martialay

Every want to learn a new language but it a bit hard to learn and remember. Well then this book is good for you and your family if they want to learn French. The book is called “Bonjour! Let Learn French” is a good beginner book for children and adults that have a hard time learning French.

You will lean some words in french like the days of week and Colors. It more of story with a learning guide to learn some words in french. You will learn “My Name is” in friend. You can act out skit in french with a friend or friends. You will also learn some words that goes along with beach and learning a boy and girl in french.

Think is really good to have on your child bookshelves or even in your child school so that they can learn new words and a new languages. It good for though that are going on trip and to have for your child or children learning the words while on a plane or in the car. Maybe your parent that want all kinds of educational books for your child or children. This book is good for that as well.


Halloween Bingo 2018

I will start mine probably tomorrow after getting some reviews and wrap up down for today. I will need to take a look at my books and card later and decide. I know I have a few on audiobook and ebook to read for this and maybe even Paperback books.

Review: The Christmas Gate 2

The Christmas Gate 2 - T. A. Cline

The Christmas Gate 2 opens up with Bob wanting to talk to his publisher. Once he does he makes deal that get him the lovely farmhouse where he could write his stories. Well things get a little more interesting once he moves in to his new farmhouse.

Once things get close to Christmas and plans are made for him and Patty. Patty get a knock at the door. Once does she find out her husband is alive and in the army hospital. What will happen with Patty and Bob?

Bob meets an woman and tell her his story. She get him advice and once she is gone for a bit he does do something inside the book she has. She doe not know until she opens it. He never mentions it either.

Bob make a decision to help Patty out by making it easy for her. Patty does not know this when he leaves after seeing her and getting the message from her friend Lucy. It seem that Patty has to do her own journey as to go on.

She finds a poem or letter addressed to her after Jim and everyone thinks Bob has pass away. Jim does his deal that the farmhouse is to go to Patty if something happened to Bob.

She reads something that Bob wrote at the end of the journal. “The Christmas Gate is not Fiction” and this get her attention and she goes to find the box and she does and she opens it. She think will get 7 visions and what will happen. The journey begins. You will not believe it but her candles and messages are different for her but her journey is bit different then Bobs. Will she find Bob? Will she be able to bring him home?

I really like the theme and plot of the candles. It really well written. The messages were different for each person on their own journey. You will not know until the end who the light form might be. It a fast read and enjoyable as well.


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