24 Festive Task - Door 8: International Children’s Day (Task 4)

Task 4: As a kid, did you enjoy visiting amusement parks and carnivals? Which were your favorite rides or shows? Do you still have any photos, or is there a memorable event you’re happy to share? – Alternatively, if you’re a parent now: Do you visit amusement parks / carnivals with your kids?


I enjoyed both. My favorite is the amusement parks. I do not like clowns so carnivals with clowns are not for me. I will not go to Boo Night or Freaky Night at Kennywood when it going on. I went once I was even more freaked out by clowns though haunted men with saws chasing me outside waiting for my mom and friend to finish up haunted house ride.


My favorite rides are roller Coasters. Loved the Steel Curtain at Kennywood. Best ride so far. The next would be Phantom Ravenge and exterminator. I ride most of the rides at an amusement park. So I am for any amusement Park rides and roller coaster.