24 Festive Task - Door 11: Thanksgiving (Task 1)

Task 1:  If you have kids or pets, tell us about something “bad” they did that was so funny you couldn’t help but forgive (“pardon”) them. If you have neither kids nor pets, was there such an event in your own childhood – or with kids or pets in your family or circle of friends?


Well we have had pets my whole life. The one I know that we still tell is about my first dog named Bingo.


Our dog Bingo decided to do something that no one though would happen. While we were out and about. This is about two weeks before Christmas but or some time around my birthday or after my birthday. Bingo decided to attack our nativity set. It was under our Christmas Tree or near the ground. He ate everything but Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The stable survived as well. He did this with out us knowing. We came home and so it. I think he ate Mary and Joseph like two days later.


It funny now and still get told at least the part about him eating everything but Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. It something we tell and laugh.