24 Festive Task - Door 9: World Philosophy Day (Task 4)

Task 4: Did you love or hate the books you had to read for school? Looking back, which ones (good or bad) stand out to you the most?


I do not recall really having to read any books for school. There was one that I did read in school or was assigned and it was good. I just do not recall what it was and it might have been in Middle school when I read it. None really in High school. I do recall the Beowulf was in my senior year of English class and we ended up reading in class rather then having to read it ourselves at home. It was hard to read or understand. I do not really care for it.


I have read other books. I do have favorite books i did read while in school though but i did not have to read read them for school. The Little House on Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.