24 Festive Task - Door 9: World Philosophy Day (Task 1)

Task 1:  Share your reading philosophy with us – do you DNF? If so, do you have a page minimum to read before you declare it a DNF?


My reading Philosophy is simple. I will read mostly all books, i get. If it not one I am in the mood to read a book I will just put it side for when I am. Most of my books are book that I am being requested to read so I will need to read them at some point. They all are review books. Book tours will come first of the books I am reading unless I am in the middle of a book I am enjoying and then I will pick up the book Tour book.


I do not DNF, Though I think I may start this if it gets to boring or I just can not read it any longer then I will have to come up with how long and if there minimum of a page #. I have books to still read from past years and this year.