24 Festive Task - Door 2: Japanese Culture Day (Task 1)


I hope what the festival or event will count for this as my city is Pittsburgh (Closes to where i live) 


Task 1: Tell us about a cultural festival or event in the area where you live.


Pittsburgh's Light up Night  

(Festival or Event)??

Pittsburgh is known to be every cultural though out the year. The one I recall and went to the most is the Light up Night. Pittsburgh calls it event but it task place every year on the Friday before Thanksgiving.


It can take all day to spend the time in downtown Pittsburgh for this and then watch as the city lights up the Night with Christmas lights throughout the city.  

Light Up Night is the day when all the Christmas lights are turned on in the city. During the festivities most all skyscrapers and the stadiums are lit up. And there are even three unique fireworks shows that light up the skyline throughout the evening. Pick whichever meaning you would like for Light Up Night, as this term covers them all!

I know there musical performances and so much more to do. You can see the decorations in the windows of shops. You can go window shopping or even Christmas shopping. You can even check out the light around downtown. I know there the lighting of the Tree and seeing Santa Claus. 


Photo credited to City Paper of Pittsburgh

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