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Book Tour: The Last Thing She Said

The Last Thing She Said - Lauren Carr

The Last Thing She Said is filled with more then one mystery. Chris is the main one that needs to find answers for a dying friend. But what if that friend ends up being a famous author that wants to give her children the legacy that she left behind?


Well the way this plot goes. Chris and his mother do not know anything or seem to know that they are were friends to someone that was to be kidnapped and dead. When your mother last friend is leaves a letter to your son and ask you find out who murder her first husband George? The plot start to get thick and hot again.


This brings in the Geezer Squad to open up the cold case of a century. The author seem to bring in Mac and his wife which help a bit. If you meet the mayor you should not be surprised that their going to be a case that brings laughter between the two dogs.


Their seems that theirs is murder that needs solving that happens to be bring in two murders and a kidnapping. Who killed Lacy Woodhouse? Who would want George Livingston dead? Why extort money from Horace Billingely?


Laura Carr doe not disappoint. She gives us more then one mystery to dig into. How they all be connected and be related to the kidnapping and murder of George Livingston? To find out all this you will have to read The Last Thing she said. There is not one why to find one answers to why Mercedes Livingston? What ever happened to her? Their seems to be mystery until Chris gets and autographed book.


This author does her book brilliantly that I can not wait for the next one. This author adds her other mystery characters in seemly and they seem to help if they can. This time Mac get pulled in a bit. Will his wife be able to help with Chris cold case?

Book Review: Max and Dax Meet

Max and Dax Meet - Marissa Shortt

If you or someone in your family meets someone new it can be a bit scary at first. Well this book called “Max and Dax Meet” is similar to that. For Max is nervous to meet his Aunt new member of the family. If you introduce the person or animals to the person or animal and see how things go.

Things may just turn out well for them and the animal or people being introduced. Who to say. In this book See what happen when Max meets Dax? Will they get along? Dax seem like he want to get to know Max but will it work out?

The pictures are done well. I really like that. The story is understandable. It easy to read. The pictures kind of tell the story and pleasant to look at. Good for young readers and children. It even got some lesson in the book about children and animals.

Book Review: A Cousins Promise (Read in 2011)

A Cousin's Promise - Wanda E. Brunstetter

A Cousin Promise is done well. I know I read this way before starting my book blog. I really did enjoy this. This book is about Loraine and Wayne. Will Loraine keep her promise? Though Wayne seem to have had accident and was left crippled.

Will Wayne see is way and hold on to his happiness? I really can not remember much it been that long ago. If I ever do re-read this book again I truly hope it as good as the first I read it. I do not see why it would not be.

I remember some of it story and plot. I know that it was written well. I did enjoy the story none the less. Will Wayne be able to get over his struggles and look to god and faith. Will Loraine be able to get over her rejection with gods help? What will happen once Loraine old boyfriends returns? Who will Loraine choose to love and marry?

Book Review: Gertrude and Toby Meet the Wolf

Gertrude and Toby Meet the Wolf (Gertrude and Toby Fairy-Tale Adventure Series 3) - Shari Tharp, Jim Heath

This story is sweet. I reminds me of the story “The Boy who Cried Wolf” when Gertrude and Toby see a little boy. The boy say he see a wolf. If you know that fairy tale story. The moral of the story you think this story is going be somewhat like that.

It also features another story or fairy Tale which is called “The Three Little Pigs”. The author does wonderful with mixing it a bit with the two starting with “The boy who Cried Wolf” scenes and then somewhat changed it to add the “The Three Little Pigs” scenes. The ending is done cute as well.

My favorite is the artwork that is done. The pictures are drawn well. I really like that. They look like some took the time to draw the scene and the the wording was put together after. Who will win their fishing contest?

Book Review: Found In Time

Found In Time - Kelly Doudna

Found In Time is set in today world. You get follow a young man named Major JJ Jackson. He seem dedicated to his country. There are special secret mission he goes on,. Everything seem to be working out find and the team come back.


What would you do if you had this technology and you wanted to keep your country safe? You get to meet some historical figures, and talk to them. How would you feel if you got stuck in a time you were not use to and had to say their and adapt?


If our enemy had found out about this technology what do you think would have happened if it could change the past or our future as we know it. This book put us in the fight to save an American President that his being attacked on American soil? What will this special team of 6 men and woman be able to depend the nation and President?


The plot is done well once you get to the adventures plus the action. It really is a thriller and science fiction with a historical fiction twist to it. Their is some violence in the book and some bad words said. The team is put in spots. There seem to be a mole or two in here. Find out by reading and how it ends. What would you do if you could travel back in time?

Book Review: The Inn at Hidden Run

The Inn at Hidden Run (Tree of Life #1) - Olivia Newport

The Inn at Hidden Run is not your normal kind of historical fiction book. I really like that. This start out in the present with a young woman who shows up asking for a job. But she seem to be running from something. Why is what make you want to know.


Though we also get a story of a what is going on in Memphis in 1878. Though the eyes of a young woman named Elisa. She tells us about the epidemic of Yellow Jack or as we call it “Yellow Fever”. I do not know how this author does this but I loved it. I hope to get their other stories though out this series.


How the author combines the family tree elements or genealogy though this book to find the connection and the present members the family she runs into is really interesting and fun to read. The plot is written well. The characters are written well. To find out what the meaning behind Canfield and Eliza is something. For it does not get reveled until the end make it even more enjoyable to read.


I had felt really like I was going down a path of finding the connection with Jillian who was helping Meri and her family and why they were Medical doctors. We find that connection at the end. You will want to read this book if you are looking for something new and a historical fiction or event that happen in USA along with some fun in Genealogy.


Olivia pull to along and you will want to find out. She put these to element together seemly and I just love that. I have yet to see another author do this. I hope to get the next book in the series as I can not wait to read them.


Book Tour: The Root of Murder

The Root of Murder - Lauren Carr

The Roots of Murder is better then I expected. Though Lauren books are done well and gripping at every turn, there is not surprised that I loved it. It was amazing and so had me guessing. You would not believe who killer turns out to be.


The plot is entertaining as it is keeping you guessing until you make to end. Find out how Madison and Heather find out they are half sisters? But who killed their father and why? There seems to be another murder they did not seem to solve that come up with Lindsay's death.


We see the family jump in and help with the investigation of Cameron Gates case. We also see JJ Thornton join in as well. We are reading JJ and his love Poppy getting ready for their wedding as well. What ever is the case, this pulls in Joshua Thornton as it his friend from school. It deals with JJ and Murphy friends as well when they find the victim is John Davis. Which is by the way Heather's dad.


Elisabeth seems strange and clingy. Why is she being the why she is. If you want to find out happens and why? You will need to pick up the book to read. How Lauren Carr comes up with these plots and still has more is beyond me. These stories are so deep and emotional that they make you want even more. You can be pulled in as if you are member and be heartfelt.

Book Review: Night Night Bible Stories

Night Night Bible Stories: 30 Stories for Bedtime - Philip M. Parker

Night Night Bible Stories is a collection of stories for children. Parents can read them a story from this book each night. It good for parents and grandparents a like. The book is done well. I enjoyed each story and it understandable for children.

It was able to understand it better then reading the bible itself. It got stories from the old testament and some for the new testament. It broken down into these two parts. Though they flow together nicely in this one book.

The picture are done well. I really got the story behind each one with the pictures. The words and phrases were done well. I was really enjoyed them prase that chance with each story that you read. Some of the stories I got and knew well. I also got new stories I have not known or did not remember. It was really well done for me to understand and read.

Children will be able to grasp the stories being read to them and later be able to pick up the book and read themselves once they have learn to read. This book is worth having for young readers and parents. You can give it as a gift if you want or keep it yourself or for your children or grandchildren. Each story is different but they are written well. The easy to read and simple as well.

Book Review: Great & Small Prayers for Babies

Great & Small Prayers for Babies - Flash Kids Editors

Great and Small Prayers for Babies is really sweet and cute. It easy to read. It got a rhyme to when you are reading the book. It great for little toddlers or little children to pick up and play with. I did notice this love it. That I wanted for a family member of mine.

My mom though otherwise, she wants for a friend of hers that having a baby. My thoughts exactly is why I picked it up was for cousin of mine. It is better for the newest members of the family. It for babies, ages 0-3. They can open the flap to read and see what under the flap, It cute and fun to read what it says under the flap.

Came brand new and closed ready to be opened by little hands. Pictures are done well and sweet to look and see. Words that go with animal makes. Great for parents looking for a gift for a new baby coming into the family or even for themselves.


Book Review: The Healing Jar by Wanda E. Brunsetetter

The HealingJar - Wanda E Brunstetter

Ever seem like you are looking for answers to a question? What if you can not at first find those answers. Do you seem ready to give up or do let it go for the time being? Well you would not think I be asking this except this exactly how Sarah Marry feels about herself? Will she find out Who her biological father is or will she not.

The Healing Jar pick this up once again where we left off. We are told about Lenore and her backstory a bit and why she is where is when we open up the book. Lenore seem like she has questions of her own. Will she find love and start a family of her own?

We meet Jesse Smucker and his daughter that are new to the community. He seem determined to not marry as he loss his first wife. God seem to have a different plan for him and his daughter. While Jesse is looking for someone to watch his 6 month old daughter while he at work, Lenore is asked if she could watch her. She accepts.

There are surprises and twist as you turn the pages. We also know that Sarah is still has a mystery to solve and we also hear and learn about Michelle story a bit more. All three girls are still pulling with the mystery of who wrote the notes in the prayer jars.

This book is everything you want in a book. It a tear tearjerker as well as being heartfelt. You will feel emotions as you turn the pages. What and ending it has. I know I could not put this book down toward the end. I was crying tears while reading. This series is another great one and one that I am thankful that own. I hope you enjoy as well. I hope to see more from these characters.


Audiobook Tour: Real Murder by Lauren Carr

Real Murder (A Lovers in Crime Mystery) (Volume 2) - Lauren Carr

There a murder or murders that no one want to unsolved. It seem that their a killer that has yet to be answered. It all starts with the discovery of the missing sheriff deputy Mike Gardner and his cruiser in the lake.


There are more mysteries to solve and it all get started once Joshua and Cameron some what gets involved. Joshua on the case with his case and Cameron deals with a case that involes a sweet old lady that is her neighbor and named Dolly. Cameron wants to find closer or answers for a mother that lost her son.


Who killed Ava Tucker and her young man? Are they all connected or not? Why was Mike looking into a local hooker murder and is it a family secret that got him killed? Hunter seem like he want to find his fathers killer. You will be surprised at how it ends.


Laura does a remarkable job of bring her characters to life. You feel the their love for each other. Tracey seem to have found her love in Hunter Gardner. Will they marry and have a happy life together. We see how Cameron and Joshua deals with their marriage issues and their love for each other as well. They seem to work well together.


If you are a mystery fan or murder fan. Then you are missing out on these author books. Lauren Carr books are must read books. She will have you leave satisfied but hungry for more. This book was no different. I love how they are all intertwined.

Book Review: The Brides of the Big Valley by Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Brides of the Big Valley: 3 Romances from a Unique Pennsylvania Amish Community - Richelle Brunstetter, Jean Brunstetter, Wanda E. Brunstetter

Deanna's Determination By Wanda E. Brunstetter:

This story is really compelling. I really like the fact that this story is about to main characters and they it centers somewhat around being blind. What would happen if you lost your sight? We get to experience this though the eyes of Elmer.


Though we see how strong Deanna's faith is? How she handles her self and her child needs is something special of it. Will Deanna's determination help or hurt her love. Will her love find out that she loves him for him and not his sight? Wanda can make you feel like you are a part of the family when reading her stories or books. This story plot is really something and refreshing to read.


Rose Mary's Resolve By Jean Brunstetter:

Rose Mary seem to get quite a few things about what she is doing. Though she seems smart enough to figure it out. Though she seem to need a little help from her friend and family. He current boyfriend seem to be pushing Rosemary and trying to go English? Will Rosemary keep her resolve or will she be tempted?


She meet an Englisher that befriends her who is a pilot? What will she decide to do? Her mother is worried she will leave the faith? Her mother can not figure out why he husband his so calm about their daughter Rosemary? We meet Kevin. Kevin seem to be interested in Amish way of life, and Rosemary? Will get figure out what he wants and needs in his life?


Leila's Longing By Richelle Brunstetter:

Leila has some struggles we all seem to have growing up. Leila is helping out her mother. Leila seem to struggle with making friends. Don't we all. Though she does not know that her friend reason for treating her badly.


She seem to think she is cause to all her friends and community problem. Though maybe she not. The way she over thinks things. Mollie finds her when she in the store. Will Mollie help her and be friends with Leila.


Aden seems to find that Leila is a catch but he want to get to know her for himself. His friend Samuel seem to see her at singing and cause hurt to Leila. Leila seem to doubt herself once more and fall into not trusting her friends or herself. Can she let go of the past and trust god? Will she hold on to that past? Can she learn from her past and forgive those that hurt her?


The author tell a story about a girl that want to control everything and worrying about things may be hurting her more then helping her move on. The way the author does this helps show us everyone deal with some of the same issues as everyone else does. It may just be a bit different in the way they live and how they deal with their struggles.


Book Review: Going Home

Going Home - Wanda E. Brunstetter

Faith comes home after living in the English world. She has her daughter in tow with her. What happen to Faith Stutzman Andrews and her daughter. Faith is widowed but what happen to her husband and what makes her to come home.

Noah is enjoying with doing things in the kitchen rather then work in the fields. Noah seem to like help other out and make them feel better. Will Noah be able to help Faith? Their seem to be rules that Faith must follow when she returns back to her parents home.

Will Faith decide to stay or will she leave once again. Noah seem like he likes Faith and her daughter. The author does well with this story. It show that it okay to return back home. Will Faith and Noah find love with each other? It seem that Wanda does this. I remember bit and parts about this story when I read it about seven years ago. I would love to reread it in audio book if I ever get the chance.

This book is worth reading. If you are a fan of christian fiction or even Amish fiction. Wanda is a really good storyteller and this story is no different.

Book Review: White Christmas Pie

White Christmas Pie - Wanda E. Brunstetter

This story is about Will Henderson and his troubled past. What happen to Will that he feels like he could not feel loved. Will he find answers about what happen to him. We also meet a young woman that is Amish. Will their be a romance between Karen and Will?

We also have a desperate father looking for his son. Who this father and is search for his son. Was ever happen that created Will feel abandonment. The couple that Will is living with seem to have decided to adopt him.

Karen is looking for answers but what kind of answers. When she starts looking it seems to have her run into Will Henderson life. What will Karen decide and Will Henderson decide to do? Will Henderson become Amish or will they not.

This sweet story is lovely and done well. Their seem that the White Christmas Pie recipe has a message and the key to this lovely mystery Will Henderson past. This recipe seem to help Karen as well. This is wonderful for the holiday season and how it ends.

Book Review: Anna's Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Anna's Crossing - Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is mostly about how it was dealing with how the Amish came to America. It really tells the story of what happens on a ocean crossing. To extent that it gives what it like when Amish and other were traveling to the New World for their freedom.

You do not go into it expecting what is to happen. It seem more historical then Amish. Though is mostly about Amish and how they come to America. Susanne tell a story about Anna and though she is with while crossing the ocean. She seem interested in the carpenter on the Charming Nancy? Who could that be?

Book Review: A Silken Thread By Kim Vogel Sawyer

A Silken Thread - Kim Vogel Sawyer

I love the fact, that A Silken Thread is mostly a historical fiction book with a little bit of romance. The author does a really good job of telling a story though three main characters. The story is based around the Cotton Exposition of 1895. We learn a bit about what life a bit after the civil war and what life is like for southerners.

Their a story about African American and whites though out the story. Though we have a bit of story with a fourth character as well. Laurel is looking for someone to love her and find maybe find love along the way. She applies to be a weaver in the silk room.

Willie applies to the Cotton Expostion for he want to help pay for his fathers hospital bills and to help him get better. Willie friend Quincy has gotten a job their as well. We also have Langdon. What the author show though out the book is how world is viewed between each character. She does a well job of it.

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