24 Festive Task: Door 4 - Guy Fawkes Night (Task 4)

Task 4: How do you order the books on your shelves?


Most of them have been sent to me for review on my blog. Though that I buy or as you as Order, are bought if I can afford to. I order them online though amazon if can. I may pick some up in the store.


I have been reviving books though book clubs that I am a member of and I review the new books sent my way. I get them though book review sites that I am a part of. Some of them are online review programs.


My selves got by themes and sometime by author. If seem to order them to be together once I am done. My review books are all together or stack. My TBR stack is together. I seem to put my books on selves to my liking. The only ones that are really together are my Lauren Carr books and my Boxcar Children series. 



My books either stacked like the first photo on the left. Which are my TBR books with a books on shelves next to it where there more. To be Read books with  only one stack to use to give to my cousins that are younger. The other two pictures hold more books and one holds my favorite author books at the moment. The bins that have my other books in any order i put them in. Sorry the pictures are not great. it the lighting in my room