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ARC Book Review: The Thirteenth Guardian by K.M. Lewis

The Thirteenth Guardian - K.M. Lewis

"The Thirteenth Guardian" is written really well. It is for the young adult genre but it really seem like it could be for adults as well. I was really captive while reading this book. The story is really good. Yes, it does not go into the characters to much as to detail. That is okay with me given that I am thinking the events that is taking place around the world is what this book is mostly about.

It made it so real. I am not wondering if this could happen to our world in a few months. Are we getting close the the end times as it suggest in the bible. Where their will be a new world to come? The author put you into the story and start to wonder is what going to happen now. It pulls you think about our own history.

The six characters that are to go on a mission have special traits. They all have them which is the shuttering's, blinding headaches and one other thing. We get a history text that might bring the past and present and the future together. The book is worth reading. What a story. I felt like this could be real. I was left with sleepless nights.

Book Review: With Winter's First Frost by Kelly Irvin

With Winter's First Frost (Every Amish Season #4) - Kelly Irvin

The story is set on two families. Though it mostly on two senior citizens and this it really good. I have not read many stories about seniors in the Amish. This is one really well written story. They are in their 70's and it about romance with them. 

The author show both points of view for both senior citizens. Will they find love and second chances? Laura seems ready to join her last husband. But God seems to have other plans. Zachariah seems a little bitter and grouchy after his wife passes away. He is also dealing with a disease. What will happen when his family get involved in what he can and cannot do? 

The author jumps into different topics like Parkinson. There are others things as well. It the way she she shows you how some of the Amish deal with different diseases and mistakes of the young. There so much going on that you will be surprised at how it all comes together. 

There seems to be several different plots going on though out the book. The main plot is about Laura and Zachariah. There is also both families. What will happen and will Gods will be done.

Book Review: An Amish Family by Kathleen Fuller

An Amish Family: An Amish Novella Collection - Kathleen Fuller

Kathleen does herself well with her writing. I do not know if she can out do herself anymore with her stories. Each one that I have read has been good enough for me to want to read more. I have yet to to come across any that is not good.


These stories show the stuggles and faith though out the book. Each story is different and yet endearing to read. You will not know the ending until you get to the last page of that story. Then you will want to know know more about that family and how they are doing.


Building Trust:

In Building Trust, Grace and Joel are eager to marry. Though Grace does not know why her father or anyone else in her family can figure out why her father is acting so angry at Joel King? Joel can not recall why Grace Miller father is upset or recall the reason. Though as you read we find out. Will Joel be able to build trust with Grace father? Grace is told she can not marry Joel King.


Joel King is determined to find out why he can not marry Grace. Will it he get to marry Grace? Will Vernon be able to forgive Joel?


A Heart Full of Love:l(In An Amish Cradle)

Ellie is expecting her first child with her husband. Though when she gives birth to twins. Her mother decides that will take care of the twins and keep them safe. In doing so, she will not let Ellie bond with her daughters.

What is Ellie's mother dealing with that she won't let Ellie take care of her own daughters. Ellie knows she will need help with her daughters. Ellie wants time with her daughters and takes care of them.

Ellie starts to have questions about what happen with a girl named Rachel. She goes over to her parents house and to find the answers. What a sweet ending his story has.


Surprised by Love

Emily feels the need to be seen with a boy. Out of nowhere she chooses Reuban. Will her ploy work with her mother? Emily finds out that Reuban's mother is pressuring him to marry as well.Reuban play along.


Will it be really a match by god, Both do not know it until the past seeks up on them. Do they even know that love is being created by them both seeing each other. Or will they find that they were surprised by love, that they may have started an everlasting love?


A Gift For Anne Marie: (In An Amish Second Christmas)

In A Gift for Anne Marie, Anne Marie wondering about the changes that are coming. She finds out about her mothers letters. When she does she finds out that her mother is getting re-married and they are moving. Anne Marie does not like it at all. She start to feel the changes between her and Nathaniel. Nathaniel does not like the fact that Annie Marie may be moving. Is there anything either can do about it?

In Memory of My Grandfather (Pappap)

My Pappap was a decent man. He was a family man at that. He taught me sports. I became more of a sport fanatic because of him. I am big Steelers fan because of him and for being raised and born a Steelers fan. He passed away May 7, 2019. He not only watch me grow up but also all his grandchildren which there are 11 all together. He also had 3 great grandchildren.


You will see pictures of him holding me and something. Though, he did come to our sport games or family events and or family gatherings. He was loved by all and missed dearly by us all.



My Pappap is holding me when I little one. I am 6 months old in North Carolina, vacationing. This is the year of 1987.


You can see I happy to be on my Pappaps lap. I was around him and my grandma a lot when I was growing up.




Here is another. You can see I am happy to be at my grandparents home. I am on my Pappaps lap. This might be when I was either 1 or 2 years old?


They had Lucky and she in the picture with me and my Pappap.



Here is a vacation picture of me and him. It looks like my cousin Josh is coming over to play?


Pap is playing with me in the kiddie pool where we were staying in North Carolina..









This is my Cousin's Josh wedding. This is the whole family together for the event.


Our family is big and happy. We still do this and get together yearly. Our grandfather is next to Josh,the groom, and our grandma is next to him.


This is my Cousin's Crystina's wedding. This is the whole family together for the event.


Our family is big and happy. We still do this and get together yearly. Our grandfather is on left of Crystina, the bride, and our grandma is next to him.




Audiobook Tour: It Murder, My Son by Lauren Carr

It's Murder, My Son - Lauren Carr

We meet Mac Faraday for the first time. He does from a divorcee to being rich in a matter of a few days or weeks. He is caught to be told he had inherent the Spencer manor at Spencer point. What a change from living in middle class.

Once he arrives, there been a murder for him to solve and he meets his neighbors and half brother. What a mystery of a neighbor and he end up with owning the dog. The author does a wonderful job of introducing us to the main characters.

This case seem to be break open once Mac shows up and what up with the police chief? He seem like he trying to keep the murders a secrets and what ever happen to him? There seems to be quite a few murders on the lose?

It seems his mother, Robyn try to help by giving her son a journal. Want to guess who comes with the house? I think this is planned by his mother a bit. Who to know for sure.

Book Tour: Dead Gold

Dead Gold (Moccasin Hollow Mystery #4) - Hawk MacKinney

Well we meet up with Spencer once again. Only this time it in this hometown. What would you do if you were in a town but did not know what was happening and their seems to be several murders popping up?


Well this book is filled with it and drugs for that matter. Spencer as invited his friend Craige to Aspen, Colorado to spend time with and see what Aspen is like. The author does well with the plot. He does not disappoint.


This book is filled with lots of action and some thrills. Can Spencer and Craige solve the mystery and crimes and find the murder? The plot thicken as you read. Why and what is up in Aspen? I believe that this book is only good for 17 and older though that is up the parent to decide. I suggest this it got drugs and sex scenes involved. I would rather the child or children be advised and also have their parents approval.

Audiobook Tour: Crime Past by Lauren Carr

Crimes Past - Lauren Carr

Ever wonder what would happen if you left a murder get away with killing two people with no evidences. It like it goes cold. It just so happens it heats back up 15 years later or so when the reunion is all booked and their a wedding to preform.

It all happens to be happen around Mac and the victims daughter no less. We know that Mac will not and has not given up on the case. It seems Mac need a little help. So who knew that someone would be called in to help for just a little bit. Laura Carr brings in some one new but it so nice to see the series get intertwined together.

If you read Winter Frost you will now find out by his name. This man to be called in to help him though a connection with Washington is Chris Matheson. Mac needs some help with information and help solve his case he is sent Chris Matheson.

Laura Carr Crimes Past is no different then any of her other books. You will get hooked on her books and want more just after reading one of her books. Does not matter what series you start with or what book. You will want to read them all sooner or later or listen to them all.

The book is action packed, heart throbbing and you will not want to put the book or stop listening. It got twist and turns and surpises all the way to the end. You will be left guessing as to he the killer is and not only that there a bigger surprise left that you will not see see coming. You know Mac will have his brother or half brother David involved to help him.

Book Review: Counter Punch

Counterpunch - Patrice Williams Marks

Counter Punch is a really short story to me. What you do if you were a mother and something happened to your daughter. How much would you do to protect your daughter? Well this story kind put that mother and daughter relationship to the test.

We also learn that Mo is struggling with not only the loss of her dad but on top of that we get hear about an assault on Mo. Her mother is worried and knows something is wrong when her daughter do not come home after 3 hours of waiting.

We are some what left in the dark as to who exactly attacked Mo? How it ends you will be surpised to no end. It leaves you wondering did Mo's mother help or did she kill the wrong man? The cops seem to have hunch but is it right?

The author does have us hang on to find out what happens next. I would suggest this book for children at least be ages 15 and up. Though I am only suggesting that and it is really up to the parents of the child or children. They can decide for themselves. This book has death and crime and like I said an assault.

Audiobook Tour: Winter Frost by Lauren Carr

Winter Frost - Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr does is once again. This book Winter Frost is filler of mystery. It will pull you into the story from the first page to last page. I loved it.

As we know Chris, and his family. We also have Helen and her daughter. We running into and meet Chris supposed dead wife Blair. We also have Murphy join forces with Chris Matheson. I love that the author did this. Bring Murphy and Tristan into the mix. They were more of sub characters but almost like the main characters.

The story was really told well. I can say the narrator did wonderful. I hope to see more mix of the other series like having Chris be brought in with his book club into the other series. I was really surprised and happy when I heard Murphy name when he was helping with Chris escape. We have action from the beginning to the end.

If you have not picked up Lauren Carr books you are missing something. Pick any of her books and you will be hooked. I can not wait to read more. So glad to have two more to read or listen to this time around. Mystery lovers and Crime and detective loves would love these books and series.


Book Review: Secrets of Cavendon

Secrets of Cavendon: A Novel (Cavendon Hall) - Barbara Taylor Bradford

If you enjoy History or Historical fiction. Secret of Cavendon may be one of the books to pick up. It is book #4 in the series, I think you read it as a standalone if you want to. The plot bring out quite a few romances. One may be dangerous.


We see who the woman of Cavendon are and work together. We seem to learn more about history of the Swanns and Ingram's life. Well as we know we have Alicia, Cecily and Miles and their children. Get action and adventures. We also meet Cecily friends and or buisness partners.


There change coming and will they be able to stick together though it all? There a murder, heartbreak, drama. Bradford does it all in one book. There seems to be several story lines going on though out he book. They all seem to be teeming from Cavendon. What are secrets of Cavendon that seem to be everyone is worried about. It seems that is in record books.


If you are into British history or want learn a little bit about Britain and London this book is set in that area. You got Earls and Countess in this book.


Book Review: Mattie Pledge

Mattie's Pledge: A Novel (Journey to Pleasant Prairie) - Jan Drexler

When I read this it about Mattie and her family getting ready to journey west. We follow Mattie and her family. Not all are going West for more land and affordable prices. We learn that another family is going to join them to go west.

Mattie has her dreams of see the Western horizon. Will she go and see the country or will she keep her pledge. Jacob see her and see Mattie after few years. It been a while. Is there love between Jacob and Maddie?

There are some surprises along the way. Will happen with Schrock family and will they be happy. Mattie got her dreams and Jacob has his. What will happen. This is the story of Mattie. Will she be tempted to follow as Englisher or will she keep her pledge?


Book Tour: The High Court by Chris LedBetter

The High Court - Chris Ledbetter

We are welcome back to MO Prep and it students right before the start of a new term. Zeus and his siblings and friend Metis are all visiting Crete. They are there to visit and get introduced to his adoptive family. I loved this book and story behind it.

Things get tense when they run into his former professors. There seem to be heated conversation with Zeus and Metis. We also find out who Metis parents are? Chris Ledbetter doe a wonderful job with his characters.

We seem to see the confrontation once again with Zeus and Titans students or at least some of them. What will happen at Othrys Hall? They seem to start their new term and find new member to join MO Prep. Once they do, they go about their day. Once in the afternoon they seem to get attacked by something of a Giants Creatures on their war game practice. What are they? Who sent them?

If you want to know how it starts, I would suggest reading “The Sky Throne” by Chris Ledbetter. This one continues it. If you want to know how Zeus ends up with his struggles with toxin that Zeus has and is deal with during this book. Read the first book which I mentioned above.

I also really think there something going on with how the professors of the lower and upper academy are treating the MO Prep students. I can not wait for the next installment of this story. I am left wondering what Kronos means and why he got sentence he got? There are surprises and secrets spilled. What happens to Hyperion? There are two trials that goes on.

Book Review: Sonya Sahni and the first Grade - Its International Day by Soma Mandal

Sonya Sahni and the first Grade - Its International Day - Tim Williams, Soma Mandal

The way America is today. You would not think that we may need a lesson in the Melting Pot. I have do think we do. Our children need to know that we are all different and we come from different cultures. Yes we are American but we also have what our parent are or from.

This book put this introspective though a child eyes. It about a girl that is Indian and American. She having a bit of trouble fitting with her classmates. The pictures do the telling. It really is done well. I can see this being good for children and their parents. Young readers can read this book as well.

The author does it well. She show what it like for a first American born by Indian Parents. This is really show the meaning of the melting pot when you read this book. The children show off their cultures on this project the teacher plans. It called It International Day.

Book Review: Mending Fences

Mending Fences - Suzanne Woods Fisher

I am sure if you have read Suzanne Woods Fishers book or a few you may have read a book about Luke Schrock in one of her books. Then you ran into Stoney Ridge community. I know I did. It nice to see Luke and see if he make it in the world.

He is mentioned in the “The Queting” in the Bishop series. This book is mostly about Luke and him making amends. Though we meet someone new named Issy? Luke seem to want to be friends with this girl that at windmill farm.

There seems to be a story behind Issy and we get her side and Luke's. Will Luke be able to help Issy? What is really behind Issy and her looking for her mother? I can say you will be surprised to find out how David and his family and Amos Lapp stories or past are connected. There seems to be mystery to Chris and Jenny Yoder.

We follow Luke on his journey though this book. I really think this is book about redemption and learning to trust god. Will Issy and Luke get together? We see Fern and Amos health and their lives and how they add other trouble children to stay with them.

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Book Review: The Fourth Courier With Giveaway

The Fourth Courier - Timothy Jay Smith

Are you a Crime Fan or even a dective Fan? Well you may be missing out on another amazing book. This book is called “The Fourth Courier” by Timothy Jay Smith. I enjoyed this book once I got into it.


The setting is set in Poland. You will learn a bit of the lifestyle. I never been dropped into Poland in a book setting or any historical fiction book. This author does this and I can see myself walking along the sidewalks.


The author does wonderful for his crime and detective of this book. It even got a thriller to it. I just love the way this book grabs you and take you for a ride. I am now wanting to learn more about Poland and it effects on it people and landscape.


Amazing and riving is my way to describe this book in all. Though I suggest children be at least aware that there a murders and a murder and some sex scenes in it. Nothing to bad but I would suggest children be at least the age of 14 and up. It up the parents to decide for there own children though.


We got a adventure with and FBI agent and an agent that in the embassy in Poland. Will they find the missing bomb and it Courier? Will they be able to stop and save Poland from an Atomic bomb or will be the end of their new world?


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