24 Festive Tasks 2019 - Update #13


Door 1- Dia De Los Muetos (Task 1): Compose a limerick or short poem in honor of a favorite book character.

Door 1- Dia De Los Muetos (Task 2)If you like Mexican food, treat yourself to a favorite dish – and / or make yourself a margarita – and share a photo

Door 1- Dia De Los Muetos (Task 3): Write an epitaph for the book you most disliked this year.

Door 1- Dia De Los Muertos (Task 4): Do you have any traditions or mementos of happy memories of a loved one that you feel like sharing?


Door 2- Japanese Culture Day (Task 1)Tell us about a cultural festival or event in the area where you live.

Door 2- Japanese Culture Day (Task 3)Try your hand at folding a paper crane. Instructions: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Paper-Crane-1/


Door 3 - Melbourne Cup Day (Task 1)Pick your Ponies (Il Paradiso placed 3rd) - one of the horses I picked. (+1 Bonus Point)

Door 3 - Melbourne Cup Day (Task 2): Roses are the official flower of Flemington Race Track; write your own “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” poem for one of your favorite or most hated books of all time.

Door 3 - Melbourne Cup Day (Task 3)Aussies shorten everything, so Melbourne Cup Day is just called “Cup Day” – post a picture of your favorite cup or mug for your daily fix of coffee, tea or chocolate.

Door 3 - Melbourne Cup Day (Task 4)Prepare your favorite dessert – in a cup! Post a photo of it for us to enjoy vicariously.


Door 4 - Guy Fawkes Night (Task 1)Make a list of the top 3 treasonous crimes against books that an author can commit.

Door 4 - Guy Fawkes Night (Task 2)Start a revolution: What one thing would you change about the book reading world? (Be it publishing, distribution, editing, cover art, bookstores – anything having to do with books.)

Door 4 - Guy Fawkes Night (Task 4)How do you order the books on your shelves?


Door 5 - Bon Om Touk (Task 1)List / tell us about your favorite rainy day reads.


Door 6 - Veterans / Armistice Day (Task 1)Sunrise services are a staple of this day: Take a picture of the sunrise where you live and share it with us.


Door 8 - International Children’s Day (Task 1): What was your favorite children’s book growing up? Your favorite middle grade book?

Door 8 - International Children’s Day (Book): Read a children’s or YA book or a book where children or teenagers play a significant role, or written by an author who was under the age of 18 at the time of publication.


Door 9 - World Philosophy Day (Task 1)Share your reading philosophy with us – do you DNF? If so, do you have a page minimum to read before you declare it a DNF?

Door 9 - World Philosophy Day (Task 2)Share your reviewing philosophy with us – how do you rate a book? Do you have a mental template for reviewing? Rules you try to follow, or rules you try to break?

Door 9 - World Philosophy Day (Task 3)How do you stay zen / sane over the holidays or in other stressful periods?

Door 9 - World Philosophy Day (Task 4)Did you love or hate the books you had to read for school? Looking back, which ones (good or bad) stand out to you the most?


Door 11 - Thanksgiving Day (Task 1): If you have kids or pets, tell us about something “bad” they did that was so funny you couldn’t help but forgive (“pardon”) them. If you have neither kids nor pets, was there such an event in your own childhood – or with kids or pets in your family or circle of friends?


Door 11 - Thanksgiving Day (Task 2): Tell us: Of the books that you read this year, which are you most thankful for, OR was there one that turned out to be full of “stuffing”? Alternatively, which (one) book that you read anytime at all changed your life for the better?”

Door 11 - Thanksgiving Day (Book)Read a book with an autumnal cover, set in New England, where a turkey shows up in the story, with a turkey or pumpkin on the cover, or with the theme of coming together to help a community or family in need.


Door 12 - St. Andrew's Day (Task 1)Tell us: Who is your favorite Scottish (or Scots-born / -descendant) writer?

Door 12 - St. Andrew's Day (Task 3): St. Andrew was a fisherman by trade: Which book(s) from your TBR that you read this year turned out to be the year’s greatest “catch”?


Door 13 - Advent (Task 2)Tell us: What is your favorite holiday tradition?


Door 17 - Winter Solstice (Book): Read a book that takes place in December, with ice or snow on the cover, where all events take place in a single day or night, that revolves around the solstice, set in Persia / Iran, China or the American Southwest or prominently featuring Persian / Iranian, Chinese or Native American characters, or a collection of poetry.



Door 18 - Hanukkah (Book): Read a book about light, miracles, featuring Jewish characters, set in Israel, that is the second book in a series, with the word “two” in the title, or with a light on the cover.



Door 20 - Christmas (Book): Read a Christmas book.


Door 22 - Hogswash (Task1): Glingleglingleglingle: if you could wish any kind of god(dess) or fairy into existence, what would they be in charge of?


Total Points: 32 Points