Review: Do You LIke Trains?

Do You Like Trains? - Ann Tarpley Francesco

This book is interesting in the way the cover art. It a curious cover in a way that makes me want to pick it up and read it. I know from the title of the book what it about. The author does a wonderfully good job bringing in the reader.

I was curious about what the two animals were going about it. Though it looks like one friend is trying to explain about trains to a new friend. This seems apparent. In a way, he keeps it up to convince the friend of the raccoon. In a way that is not mean or annoying.

The picture is done well. They are cute and enjoyable. I could see the squire talk and express this love of trains. The way it ends makes me think he loves talking about trains. If you love trains he might want to teach his new friend all about them.

Parents and children will love this book “Do You Like Trains?”. It is good for teaching and learning about trains. It good train lovers and children that love trains. Children will love this book in the sense that it doe have some rhyming. Parents can read this to their children. Grandparents could read this to their grandchildren.