Forever a Family

Forever a Family (Love InspiredRosewood, Texas) - Bonnie K. Winn

 This book was so interesting. I just love how this book ends. I do not want to spoil how it ends. Though this book is a really good read. The book goes to show you how you can be accepted into a community. Have you ever felt you need to belong somewhere but you did not felt like you belong. You just may find that place. This book take you along for a ride that does just that. It about a boy and his mother trying to fit in. It also tell you a story about a veterinary and his family and his life. Though sometimes animals can understand you better then you think. I love the fact this book uses that but also trying to find a yourself and who you love.

What would you do to try and protect your family? Olvia feel she need to protect herself and her son. Though her son is acting out. Will her son change or will they have to leave the town. Zeke seem to understand the boy. Can they both get past their own past? You need to read it to find out. There are event that take place and if they are real event it just so much more to connect with the book. You can learn to read about history that way. This seen to talk about the Texan Fires that was going on at some point.

This book also doe something with romance as well. You can find it out though out the book as well. This book keep my attention and I really did enjoy it to a point i did not want it to end.

You can decide for yourself. I would love to read more from this author any day.