The Survivor

The Survivor - Shelley Shepard Gray There a tornado that goes though their community but find out what is important. We find out that Calvin and Lucy are expecting their first baby. Mattie is struggling with her emotions and where she get past about her best friend Graham Weaver as more then a friend. Graham is also trying to figure out his feeling for Mattie. There a rumor going around saying Jenna Yoder is carrying Graham Weavers child. We are introduced to several new characters in this story and series. This was a fun filled and stress reading this story. Though I wished there was a better way to finish it about Lucy and Calvin and How Jenna and Chis his family made it out of the tornado? I I know that John married Mary. We Know that All the Weavers made it out of Tornado safe and sound though I would have like to know about Calvin and Lucy baby?