A Texan's Promise

A Texan's Promise - Shelley Gray I want to get this book to read but I was reading another book by Shelley Shepard Gray at the time. I was either going to wait for it to become free for my Nook or get it though the library. Well I was surfing my facebook or looking at posts that were coming to my surprise Shelley Shepard post Status update saying that her book "A Texan's Promise" was being able to download it free for that day or that week for the Nook at Barnes & Noble website. So I downloaded it to my Nook and started reading it. Now on to my lovely thought of the book.

I really like how the beginning starts in this book. We get learn about Clayton and Vanessa past though the book. We start to see how Vanessa Grant life become rattled and how things change rapidly. Clayton seems to care for her and her pain. He see her in pain and wants to get her safe. We get to introduced to Miles Grant and Vanessa stepfather a little bit. We hear about Clayton's side of the family while he and Vanessa are traveling on the trail from Texas to Colorado. Along the way, you meet a few of Clayton's friends. Their a new set problem that exist with old one between Clayton and Vanessa. You also hear about Miles and his struggles along with Miles and Vanessa stepfather problem is. To find out what they are and struggles each person as is suggest that you go and read it. A Texan's Promise