Kentucky Weddings

Kentucky Weddings - Terry Fowler This book about the 3 oldest children. It starts out about Val Truelove. She and her siblings are to help pay for the younger siblings education. Val put her heart in the a prayer to god. She is reward with lottery ticket from her boss. She does not know that she wins or anything right away. She prays about it and ask her dad what to do. Doe's Val get her wish to make a wedding venture which is her dream. Doe's see get her wish and something un-expecting as well.

Heath wants to do something with is education but what does he do when his first love come to work at the farm. Heath not sure if he should do what he loves doing or get a real job. Does Heath and Jane get together? To find out you will need to read it.

Opies has a mind to work in her chosen career. But her sister buy her a date with a Batchlor of the month at an auctions and things get a little more strange and hard for her. Things start to get a better but their now story though out the three stories together.