Book Tour: The Last Thing She Said

The Last Thing She Said - Lauren Carr

The Last Thing She Said is filled with more then one mystery. Chris is the main one that needs to find answers for a dying friend. But what if that friend ends up being a famous author that wants to give her children the legacy that she left behind?


Well the way this plot goes. Chris and his mother do not know anything or seem to know that they are were friends to someone that was to be kidnapped and dead. When your mother last friend is leaves a letter to your son and ask you find out who murder her first husband George? The plot start to get thick and hot again.


This brings in the Geezer Squad to open up the cold case of a century. The author seem to bring in Mac and his wife which help a bit. If you meet the mayor you should not be surprised that their going to be a case that brings laughter between the two dogs.


Their seems that theirs is murder that needs solving that happens to be bring in two murders and a kidnapping. Who killed Lacy Woodhouse? Who would want George Livingston dead? Why extort money from Horace Billingely?


Laura Carr doe not disappoint. She gives us more then one mystery to dig into. How they all be connected and be related to the kidnapping and murder of George Livingston? To find out all this you will have to read The Last Thing she said. There is not one why to find one answers to why Mercedes Livingston? What ever happened to her? Their seems to be mystery until Chris gets and autographed book.


This author does her book brilliantly that I can not wait for the next one. This author adds her other mystery characters in seemly and they seem to help if they can. This time Mac get pulled in a bit. Will his wife be able to help with Chris cold case?