Book Review: White Christmas Pie

White Christmas Pie - Wanda E. Brunstetter

This story is about Will Henderson and his troubled past. What happen to Will that he feels like he could not feel loved. Will he find answers about what happen to him. We also meet a young woman that is Amish. Will their be a romance between Karen and Will?

We also have a desperate father looking for his son. Who this father and is search for his son. Was ever happen that created Will feel abandonment. The couple that Will is living with seem to have decided to adopt him.

Karen is looking for answers but what kind of answers. When she starts looking it seems to have her run into Will Henderson life. What will Karen decide and Will Henderson decide to do? Will Henderson become Amish or will they not.

This sweet story is lovely and done well. Their seem that the White Christmas Pie recipe has a message and the key to this lovely mystery Will Henderson past. This recipe seem to help Karen as well. This is wonderful for the holiday season and how it ends.