Audiobook Tour: Crime Past by Lauren Carr

Crimes Past - Lauren Carr

Ever wonder what would happen if you left a murder get away with killing two people with no evidences. It like it goes cold. It just so happens it heats back up 15 years later or so when the reunion is all booked and their a wedding to preform.

It all happens to be happen around Mac and the victims daughter no less. We know that Mac will not and has not given up on the case. It seems Mac need a little help. So who knew that someone would be called in to help for just a little bit. Laura Carr brings in some one new but it so nice to see the series get intertwined together.

If you read Winter Frost you will now find out by his name. This man to be called in to help him though a connection with Washington is Chris Matheson. Mac needs some help with information and help solve his case he is sent Chris Matheson.

Laura Carr Crimes Past is no different then any of her other books. You will get hooked on her books and want more just after reading one of her books. Does not matter what series you start with or what book. You will want to read them all sooner or later or listen to them all.

The book is action packed, heart throbbing and you will not want to put the book or stop listening. It got twist and turns and surpises all the way to the end. You will be left guessing as to he the killer is and not only that there a bigger surprise left that you will not see see coming. You know Mac will have his brother or half brother David involved to help him.