Review: The Small Chandelier

The Small Chandelier - Mary Lynn Plaisance

I have a question do you ever think that maybe you can go into the spiritual world? Well, I cannot answer it for sure but you can experience it a bit in the book called “The Small Chandelier.”


We some our see what our world could become and that there a mission for Peace on Earth. It starts once Jenny gets bitten by a snake? We go adventure with Joseph and then things start to get more exciting as he starts to investigate and find out if his wife was bitten by a snake.


Mary tells the tale and the story quite well. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It funny a little bit but it shows what could happen to our world if it not already happening now. We may be experiencing some of what been going on in this book. With some of the events that we had this year and last year with ellipses and the leaders around the world. Peace on Earth could be in the works here on earth.


Please do know that this is a work of fiction so please know that I have not really an idea that it really happening in our real world. It could be just coincidence that what is mentioned in this book that the author is using it for some of her plots.


Other than that the author plot is done well and grabs your attention. I have read a few other books by her and they are just as good. I would suggest picking up one of her books and reading it.