Infinity by Tabitha Lord

Infinity - Tabitha Lord

Infinity is the second book to Horizon. It times to return to Caeli home world. What is going on there and what is happening to her people? It is an adventure of it own. Will the Resistance win the war or will the  Dictator of Augestmast win.


Caeli and her small group of friends want to help. They will assist Caeli and her people and their group of resistance mean. Is there a spy along the way for Marcus and his army. You will need to read to find out. Caeli comes back to help her group of resistance friends like Jon. What are they keeping them and what are they doing to the children.


Will the people stand up and fight or will they let some tell them what to do? Will Derek and Cali love survive?  A world is torn between them too. Derek love Caeli enough to stay with her? There are so many surprises and twist along the way, you will be to wanting turn the page to find out.


Tabitha Lord give you adventure of your life and a book you will not want to put down. The plot is well written and done. You get a love story along the way. You get to know the crew as well as Derek and Caeli.


I believe this book is good for though science fiction but also I would suggest teens to read it from the age of 14 and up. The parent has the right to decide. It being rated PG 13 so it would be okay for 13 years old if you the parent this your child or children are mature enough for the book. That is up to you.