The Keys of the Watchmen

The Keys of the Watchmen (Volume 1) - Kathleen C Perrin

The Keys of the Watchman is one really good book. Once I get into the book it, I can not put it down. It got all of what you would want in a book, it has action, mystery and time travel and romance all in one book. What a way to read a book.


The author does a wonderful job of tell the story of the of the historical facts. You get to feel as if you are part of it. You want to help the characters. You learn about christianity though this book as well. The Archangel Michael and Lucifer (Satan, Devil)  and one of the fallen angels that is mention in the book is Abdon.

The book is about good and evil and saving the mount. We have a fallen angel Abdon and Nicolas and Katelyn. We are mostly in the year of 1424. We have Jean and Katelyn and Nicholas who are called Watchman but will they save Mount Saint Michael?