Book Tour: DISRUPTION by Chuck Barrett

Disruption - Chuck Barrett

Disruption is an action pack book. Jake and his partner are to stop a terrorist attack that appears to be a big cyber attack. Will they be able to stop them? What does Iran want? There are several different characters in the book.


It starts out with a man being chased that has the name, Boris. There seem to be a gang of members doing the work for a man named Omar and his plan. Both Jake and Francesca are called into action to go find “the Jew” who name is Daniel.


There this Macro that is Deputy Director in Italy. He seems to be into following and tracking Francesca and Jake. For what reason you will need to read the book. There seems to be a mystery as to what going on. Why and How did Macassa Air 910 disappear or vanish?


Chuck Barrett get you interest immediately with start of the book. If you are looking for a good book or mystery This one is worth your time. Though suggest if you what my opinion I think this is good for readers that are 15 years and up. Parents I would suggest to check it for your safety for your child or children. There are a few gruesome deaths. There a bit of torture in this book as well.