Blog Tour: Bloodrealms by Aurora Whittet

Bloodrealms - Aurora Whittet

Ashing Boru is told to leave both Baun and Gray. Though they really want to bring them. Ashing need to travel with her family for a wedding between Gwen and her brother Quinn. She and her pack leave for Castle Regan.


Things start to happen during their visit at Castle Regan. Someone attacks Ashing in her sleep. This goes a bit awry during that time. Lord Baychen invites the Killen to the wedding. What is Grey doing during their time part?


There are adventures on every page. Why are all evils trying to stop Grey and Ashling? Once they get stuck inside the Bloodrealms. Will they get out or will they end up dying there? Ashling and Grey seem to get separated. Who will win Ashling’s hand in marriage? What about her pack. Will they all want her to find the love to reunite the packs?


Ashing is to deal with her Aunt Vidagis and the Dagmar’s? She also finds some allies in the Bloodreams when she is trying to escape. We find out Vidagis and Verci daughter and how she related to the Boru or at least to Ashling Boru. We really do find out the worst horrors that can be found in the bloodrealms.

Aurora Whittet  has really outdone herself again in this second book. We find out what Bloodrealms is all about and all its horrors. Can Ashling and Grey and her pack survive the attacks? There even a reveal about Emmons Dagmar and what he is will do.