Review: Mr. Waldorf Travels to the Mysterious China

The Spectacular World of Waldorf: Mr. Waldorf Travels to the Mysterious China - Beth Ann Stifflemire, Barbara Terry

This is a great book for young readers. This is good for parents to help struggling readers with this book. It teaches about the places around the USA and the World. This one gets you to explore China. If your family or children are into animals, this is a good book for them.


The pictures are done wonderfully. The author will get readers engaged with this set of books. I got the four books that are out for this series. Your children will learn about the country China. The author does wonderful giving you different things in this book. The way the author has Mr. Waldorf travel in this book makes it quite run and enjoyable. You learn about China most popular bear that live there. You also learn about China landmarks along the way. The pictures are down wonderfully and can entertain you that way as well.

This is good for adventurous children. The pup in the book whose name is Mr. Waldorf seems to lose this reading glasses. Your children will laugh and learn at the same time. To me, the age is good for children as young as age 3 to beginner readers.