Blog Tour: Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet

Bloodmark - Aurora Whittet

Aurora Whittet is a new author to me. She did a wonderful job describing this lifeform that Ashing Boru is. We meet Ashing Boru, and she is to go to meet her father. Her father tries to marry her off. This gets a little more complicated.


Ashing needs protecting and she does not know why or even understand. But has she goes about her life and taken away from her family. She starts to grow and once her brothers Mund and Quinn and family show up. She wonders why. They have come to protect Ashing.


There are some really surprise and twist that come about. We meet Grey. We do not know if he is or what he becomes. He seems to love Ashing Boru. Ashing Boru seems to love Grey. Who is he, and what will happen and will Grey protect Ashing? What has happened to Grey’s mother, and who is Grey’s father.

The story gets even more interesting has you turn the page. Aurora has made it so suspenseful that it hard to put down. It pulls at you. Who could be after Ashing Boru?