Threading the Needle by Gabriel Valjan

Threading the Needle - Gabriel Valjan

We are at it again with the gang with all them thrown into a murder from the very beginning. Gigi gets all them involved including Binica but not in investing it all. It seems to be about Trust or does you trust throughout the book.


It all starts with a young man murder and also thrown in a politician death. What does Farse want, and why is he there? He seems to only show up ever so often. Why is the gang all pulled in to uncover it but it seems that they are being screwed? Dante, Gennaro, Farrugia, and Alessandro are pulled here and there to do something. They get told to investigate the murders. What with Farrugia getting disgraced by the news.

What is Lead of the Year? What are connections? Something is up. We get through from assassins to terrorists. What can a G9 want? Gigi get you wondering what in the world is going on in Italy. With all the murders you seem to follow the group. Can they solve it or not?