The Forgotten Recipe by Amy Clipston

The Forgotten Recipe (An Amish Heirloom Novel) - Amy Clipston

When I go to look for a new series for Amish. I looked for my favorite authors. I do go to others I have not read about that I will expand to enjoy. I know when I see a book written by Amy Clipston. I really enjoy any kind of Amish or Mennonite stories. I love learning about their lifestyles.

Veronica Fisher finds out that her intended died. She was divested and thinks she will not find love again. Well, she decides she'd need to find something to do and when she goes decides to go look in the attic. When she does, she finds something of her grandmothers. This starts up her own kind of business.


Are you into Amish lifestyle? Then this would be a good book to read or even try.