Review: Amish Christmas at North Star

Amish Christmas at North Star: Four Stories of Love and Family - Amanda Flower, Cindy Woodsmall

You get to hear about all four babies that were born near Christmas. Rebecca is an Amish midwife. In Guiding Star it about a 25-year old disappearing from an Amish baby. Will there be love for Elle McAllister? We get a quite a nice way to see what her life is like after being born on that snowy night with three other babies.


Morning Star is about a girl named Eden Hochstetler. She wants to investigate her friends Isaac death. It has got her thinking about who could have done it and hurt Isaac. She meets his great nephew Jesse. Who is guilty? Does she start to fall for Jesse? Who in their community is the one to hurt Isaac and want him killed.


What happens in the Stars”, is about a family that wants to stay together. Will Kole, and Savilla be able to do that and still find love for themselves, What can make to lives back together with other than a trouble of children? One that is expecting to get another member adopted and brought home. Kole and Savilla you can find out more about them.

Andy is schemed to bring back home. His little brother tries to fetch him home and this is a story of Grace. I really do enjoy the family and time together. Will Andy find love while he comes home and is forgiven?