Book Tour: The Berlin Package by Peter Riva

The Berlin Package: A Thriller - Peter Riva

Pero asked for a filming job and wants to get back in the saddle after what happen the last time. He asks that we work with Heep. He got his wish.

On the plane with Ambassador. He figures out a plane problem. He was on his way to Berlin when it occurs. Once Pero lands at the airport he gets a mysterious package.

CIA and the State Department want him to read a packet. He did not get a packet. Now he is in a job he does not want. He got to protect his friends and family and now a movie star.

A station is missing and someone is after Peru and his crew and want the package delivered to him. Pero want to find out why they want it and what they might want to do with it.

Peter Riva does it once again that you want to turn the pages until you find out. Every page is an adventure as you turn the page. You wonder if Pero and his friends will survive or end up dead. Can Pero and Mubro and his new and old friends help rescued Heep and a film star?