Review: The Path by Peter Riva

The Path - Peter Riva

Simon Bank does not know he is special. He is the one that starts it all by doing something in the system. He needs to fix it to save humanity on Earth.

We learn what we do not know yet. Earth needs to be in balance and if not our world will be gone and we will not know what has happened.

Who and how does Peter and then Apollo and Ra become as they do? Peter Riva has you wondering whether it will happen in our real world after a couple chapters. He does so well that all his characters seem real and that you are a part of the story.

Will earth survive or will it be exterminated? Simeon reveals secrets and meets up with Crammer and Angie and a few others. Will they help or will they not? Can Crammer and Angie protect Simeon? Will they stay on the Path?

If You enjoy this book you will enjoy "Reaching Angelica" which you will want to read. You can review "Reaching Angelica" by clicking the link.