Book Tour: Leaving Everything Most Loved

Leaving Everything Most Loved - Jacqueline Winspear

Jacqueline Winspear is a new author to me. I so nice to find a new author I have not ever read or though try. Her book was refreshing and enjoyable to read.

It nice to see that a woman is a hero and having her own life and having a career she loves to do. Massie Dobbs loves to solve crimes and investigate around her home. She now struggles with if she should travel or stay.

She seems like she loves adventures and want to find out about herself.  I loved the fact that you get to go on adventures with her. She one that will not give up on any crime or miss a boy.  She will get to the bottom of the crime or murder if that the case.

She also struggles with her relationship with James. James seem ready to marry but is Massie? You will follow her and her trials to find out.