Three Days to Forever by Lauren Carr

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Three Days to Forever (A Mac Faraday Mystery) (Volume 9) - Lauren Carr

The author has you guessing from beginning to end. It action packed along with a mystery though out. Laura Carr gives you what you look for in a mystery along with a little romance.


What up with all the Navy and military doing though out the book. Mac and Archie hard being dealt with getting ready for their wedding. They're a family secret and what could that be?


Somehow Mac Faraday and David and Cameron are targeted along with Archie mother. There a killer on the loose and they want something Mac Faraday has.


The terrorist wants to claim on a few members. They attempt to kidnap a woman. There seems to have a mishap at every turn. Will Murphy and the navy be heroes? This is a book is worth reading and getting the other books in the series would be worth buying. If you enjoy mystery or crime and detective books. This may be your cup of tea.