Tender by Shai Amit (#promotion)

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Tender - Shai Amit

This book looks like it a story about a young boy. This young boy goes on a journey of his life. We see how deals with his growing up. We also see how he deals with all kinds of emotions from death, to finding his love of this life.

We get in an depth of how you can destroy your own spirit. We get to learn and get try and get understanding. We also see his success and many crashes. He learn even what love is like or is and though friendships. You could be looking and end up emptying your spirit of that love.

You really can not say it based on one thing. It goes about this with giving you different way as it could be about yourself.  The rating I would give this is a 4.5 moons. The reason for this is that I really did not get what most of it was about except that it might be a romance. I do know it a little more about trying to understand himself and what love is about. Well that's want I think if about. You can destroy yourself be giving all the time and not know if it really love that doing the drive or if it sex driven drive.

This book I would suggest only be for Adults that are 18 and up. There a few words in here that are not for young adults. These words are a bit sexual. I have parents be advised and I will let you decide for your Teenagers if this book is appropriate. To me I advise for this to be for Adults ages from 17 and up.

Source: http://nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2015/07/tender-by-shai-amit.html