Hearts Made Whole

Hearts Made Whole - Jody Hedlund

We meet Caroline Taylor and her family. What a story this. We see Ryan Chamber who has gotten the cross from his sister, Emma in the first book called "Love Unexpected".

We learn about how Caroline Taylor deals with her loss of her father. We see how she deals with raising her siblings. Caroline finds out from the lighthouse inspector that he hired a man for the job of the lighthouse keeper.

Then we meet up with Ryan Chambers at the Roadside Inn. He asks for directions to the Windmill Point Lighthouse. The story get better has you turn the page. Things start getting worse for them. What is going on in this community and at the Windmill Point Light?

There seems to be action at every turn. Mr. Simmons and Mr. Finich seems to want Caroline out of the lighthouse but why. We meet Arnie Simmons and seem eager to want Caroline Taylor. Will Arnie stop at nothing to get Caroline Taylor? Surprises await them all. Can Ryan and Caroline learn to trust in faith, hope and forgiveness?

The author writes another fastening story. I can not wait to continue on with the next book. Want to learn about Emma and her brother Ryan prior to Ryan getting the cross or how he had the cross? You can read my review to "Love Unexpected" to find the answer.

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