He's Captured My Heart by Karen Frances Harbaugh

He's Captured My Heart - Karen Frances

He caught my heart is more of a romance story than anything. It mainly about Libby Stewart. Her dad had a client come in and is to show her around.

Alex comes with his friend and business partner. This friend name is Michael. There quite a few things going on as you turn the pages of the book. Though Libby and Alex have a little trouble keeping from being a part.

Though the story starts out about Libby brother Ethan and his struggles to raising his daughter. There seems to be a story of romance. We see a villain in the story that use to be Libby boyfriend. Libby is trying to heal from a broken heart. Alex seems to have other plans for her.

She is attacked by her ex-boyfriend. What will happen to them? Will Libby trust the stranger or will she let him go? I advise this book for though that really like romance but also watch with the age you allow your children to read. For it really has some sexual acts and has some scenes where they are nude together. I suggest the of age 18 and up is best for this book.

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