Outlaw Trigger by Lee Stephen

Epic 2: Outlaw Trigger - Lee Stephen

The story continues with Scott Remington. We also meet a new judge in the EDEN government. There seems to be a secret plan that Scott is not aware of. Thoor orders something that would hurt Scott for something of his own. Will they find out what going on at the military base in Russia? This Archer guy also seems to have a plan for this base that have Nightmen and Eden soldiers. Is Thoor wedding out Eden soldiers to build up his army of Nightmen?

Scott is quite happy and excited that his fiancee is coming for a visit. He is in a good mood. While his girl is visiting something happen to his girl. Once this happens everything starts to spiral downward. Everyone is under aware of it. His comrades and friends all try and help him. We see how Scott reacts. Sides will be chosen and where will Scott end up.

EDEN is also planning some things as well. You have got twists and turns that have you guessing until last page of the book. Do you want to read how Scott where he is now in book two I would suggest reading book one called Dawn of Destiny before book two Outlaw Trigger? I have reviewed Dawn of Destiny and have also done an interview with Lee Stephen. I am ready to pick up the bookmark to the next book "Hero".

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