Upper West Side Story by Susan Pashman

Upper West Side Story - Susan Pashman

Have you ever read a book about justice that going on in your world that important to all. You thought it was dealt with in a movement that happens 50 years.


You see it still going on today. Well, a book called "Upper West Side Story", bring it to light and questions if our race is still an uphill battle among us. I got this feeling while I was reading the story. We meet a mother who will do anything to protect her son. This story really turns out to be a well written about a boy who is white and a friend with a black boy. We learn about friendships. Matt and Curtis are best friends. Everything changes after a freak accident.


The real issues come out during this time. It affects the whole family but mostly Matt. Viola losses everything but does the community realize that Matt is a child of Viola as well as Curtis is to Bettina. It happens during a time when they were fooling around or goofing around. Racial issues and political issues arise will they overcome or will the charges damaged all including the boy and his family.

Source: http://nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2015/06/upper-west-side-story-by-susan-pashman.html