When Grace Sings by Kim Vogel Sawyer

When Grace Sings: A Novel (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy) - Kim Vogel Sawyer

This story continues with Alexa Zimmerman. We are back with the Zimmerman family, with Alexa bed and breakfast known as Grace Notes. We meet the Brauns and their daughter Anna-Grace. Stephen is gifted his grandfather's land. Stephen and Anna-Grace are to stay in Arborville. Alexa seems to be feeling that she is not fitting into the Zimmerman family. Alexa is having doubt about herself and feeling like she an imposter.

We know about Anna-Grace birth parents for we dealt with them in the first book called "When Mercy Rains". When Mercy Rains introduces us to Anna Grace birth parents. Anna Grace is given an envelope that has her birth parents names. Anna-Grace cannot decide if she wants to know or not know her birth parents names and why they gave her up for adoption.

Stephen is dealing with what he wants to do in life. He does not know if he want's his grandfather land in Arborville. He seems to want to sell it, but he does not know for sure. He seems to want to be a teacher. Can he tell his parents or Anna Grace that he wants to be? Stephen decides to have Anna Grace decide if she can stay there or not live in Arborville and if he should keep or sell his grandparents farmland.

We also meet Bailey Forrester who is a reporter and is sent to Arborville to find a story on this community. There are four people looking in the wrong places. Bailey has his Aunt Marit that come through to him. He also tries to want to feel important. Will they all find Grace? What will happen with Stephen and Anna-Grace?

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