Bianca's Vineyard by Teresa Neumann + Giveaway

Bianca's Vineyard - Teresa Neumann

We learn about what life was like in Italy at that time. You can read the book in a form of a diary or as someone is telling a story in a storytelling. You can learn the secrets of this family. You also learn a bit about Italian culture. You will learn what Italian culture was at that time in history.


Most of this story is about Egisto and his wife that he married before going to America. Tough as soon as her children when to school. She decided to go back to Italy. The book really does teach us lessons that were going on in Italy.


You also see the family deals with her and the rest of the family. Egisto father was fond of his niece Bianca. Egisto knew the war was coming to Italy. We learn about Armida and her what she decides. She is going to need to make a choice. I feel bad for Armida and Egisto children especially when Armida gets a bit strange.


We learn what the vineyard is about and it meaning to the family. I really like the fact it was told somewhat in a form of a diary. You also learn about each family member that's in Egisto life. It mostly takes place in Italy and his Italian family members. The author did a really good job of showing us what it was like during World War 2 era. You see the reliant of the Italians after the war and shows how the family was back together when Egisto returns.