Numbers Game by Rebecca Rode

Numbers Game - Rebecca Rode

A book about Numbers. This book got my attention with it title. It keep me guessing though out the book. We learn about a girl who is the main character named "Treena", and the other main character named "Vance". There seems strange about NORA.

It get even better and better once Treena gets her Rating on Rating day. Though things start to get more complicated and many others things get even more interesting. Though why does she get rating that makes her a Red?

Treena get her second chance to a deal that would get her a Rating reconsideration. So she send to the EPIC. That about what starts to get you to keep guessing going to happen. Is Treena Rating wrong?

Though seem to want her dead after a while. Though we also see a romance form. Though what can all this be about. Why is NORA capturing and killing their own citizens. She and Vance have to figure out what going on and way they want Treena dead.  There are may surprises and I do not want to spoil the ending of this book.

How do you feel about Labeling people?