Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin by Tali Carmi

Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin - Tali Carmi

Do your children like have adventures? This book has an adventure in it. It about a dolphin that needs help. Children will learn about animals and their habits. We meet a marine worker at the national reserve.


The children learn about animal care and what do if there a problem. Will Terry be able to help the little dolphin that something is wrong. I also enjoy the pictures in the book. They tell the story if your child it young to read it himself or herself. Parents can read this book to their child as well. It easy to read for children that are beginning to read books or learning to read books.


This is sweet and quick adventure book. It a wonderful book for though that love animals. They can learn about environment and animal habit at the same time. The author does a wonderful job with the story and it meaning. I recommend these books for young readers or beginner readers and parents with young children.

Source: http://nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2015/04/terry-treetop-saves-dolphin-by-tali.html