The BeeKeeper's Son by Kelley Irvin

The Beekeeper's Son (The Amish of Bee County) - Kelly Irvin

Deborah and her family up and move to Texas. Anna decides it best and comes to live with her brother John and his family in Bee County, Texas. Deborah is surprised when she finds a strange animal. Phinas King is help unloading the truck and looks at her and thinks Deborah is horrid by what happen to him and his scar.

Anna is said to be committed to a man who want her has is wife. Though it possible that she find her second true love here in Bee County, Texas. Deborah is waiting to hear from her love in Tennessee. She is determine to return home. Though Deborah is somewhat courious of the man behind the scars. Is it possible that Phinias is hiding behind his scars.

Things start to get a bit turned upside down. There is tons of twist and turns. Whatever happens to Anna and Phinas dad or Stephen. Who will Anna choose. Deborah and Phinas will they find true love. What happens to them. Though Phinas happens to help Deborah and her family. There a house fire and what happens then goes from strange to something surprising. The book seems to have two love stories.