Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

Beyond All Dreams - Elizabeth Camden

This is a lovely story. Though it stay on history and what is going on with senate. It about woman named Anna who wants finds a mistake and want to correct it. Though when she goes to font the Navy. She hit roadblocks along the way. She wants to know the truth.


Anna want to find out what happen to a ship that disappeared at sea. Luke is also struggling with his spot in Congress. Anna and Luke run into each other. Anna wants the information on this ship. Everyone around her is in the cover up. What could be the real reason of the ship disappearance? There is twist and turn each time you turn the page. What are the secrets that got Anna and Luke are in embroiled in. Will the truth put the nation at risk.


What will happen to Luke and Anna. Luke is dealing with many problems of his own. Can he raise this nephew Philip. What is going on in Luke hometown that he repentant in Congress in Maine. Luke deal with the loss of another family member. Can Luke control his temper?