The Promise of Palm Grove by Shelley Shepard Gray

The Promise of Palm Grove: Amish Brides of Pinecraft, Book One (The Pinecraft Brides) - Shelley Shepard Gray

This book it really a good book. Though I did not finish it completely. I did read most of the book. I liked the fact it somewhat different then other amish book. Edmund is a little bully and wants his own way.

Leona has been doubting herself about her marriage or engagement to Edmund. She does not know how to tell her friends about it. On the first day in Florida they meet up with Zachary and his friends Danny. They are trying to catch a cat for his neighbor.

The girls follow and see them all laughing. The cat goes over to Leona. She able to pick up the cat. Things start to get some action and friendships. Does Leona break it up with Edmund or does she stay with him? Leona must decide to choose her path for a future she wants or what god wants of her.