The Monster that Ate My Socks by AJ Cosmo + Giveaway

The Monster That Ate My Socks: Special Edition - A.J. Cosmo, A.J. Cosmo

This is good book. It great for children. The pictures are very colorful and funny. It story itself is funny and enjoyable. You do learn something or moral. If you are looking for a laugh. This book will have you a laughing though out the book.


The book is sweet and humor. Does your little one like monsters well this book got a few. Telling your mom and dad is bad.  How to to know you would need to read. This is a fast and easy read.


Monsters and more Monsters everywhere. Can anyone feed a family of Monsters? We will not know but maybe you can. They seem to like socks and homework. To find out you will need to read the book. Why do monster like socks and make them disappear.  The setting is a cute. Can Ryan and his friend find out this little mystery about missing socks?