Dobyn's Chronicles by Shirley McLain

Dobyns Chronicles - Shirley McLain

This book takes place around the time period of 1870's. It talks about cattle drives. It a story about Charley Dobyns. He gets a little brother and then a little sister. The boys are raised a little harder then their little sister. He is born in Texas near the red river. He has brothers and sisters but he never meets them. They live an eventful life for some time. With all being stress and need a vacation. They all head up to the Holmes Ranch. They learn about the Yellow fever epidemic that going on down in Florida.

Charley asks Mrs/ Holmes what Yellow Fever is? He is told. Then they head for home. What will happen. Will the family survive? Charley come down with Yellow fever. Will they all survive? Charley have to raise his siblings and bury his parents? There is adventures though out the book. It has you wanting to turn the page to find out more about Charley and his family. They find some new friends and family. Where will they end up and what will happen to Charley and his family though out the generations. Do they learn the life lessons that has hand them. Can Charley raise his brother David and sister Viola?