An Amish Family Christmas: Heart of Christmas A Plain Holiday

An Amish Family Christmas: Heart of ChristmasA Plain Holiday (Love Inspired) - Marta Perry, Patricia Davids

I enjoyed both stories in this book. They are quite sweet and it will put you in the holiday spirit. Can Susannah  forgive her former love Toby Unger? Toby has two little children who are new students for Susannah. Susannah will need to help her new to students that needs some help with them being a little trouble but will it work? Will they find the love before Christmas? Toby two little children are having a little trouble adjusting to their new surrounding. The handsome Amish man needs desperately needs some help with his two children. Susannah had gotten a broken heart ten years ago when Toby left. Can Susannah find the forgiven him? Will they find they are a true match for each other before Christmas? You can find out by reading the book called "Heart of Christmas" by Marta Perry.


Sally Yoder left her community during her teen years.  Her heart is back at home and she believes that her young man named Ben Lapp will not love a bold woman like her. There are some surprises in the book. Sally and her charges are to spend time with their grandmother. The children and Sally are going to experience what an Amish Christmas is. Sally and Ben and the children are going on a sleigh ride to pick out a tree and visit the children Great Grandmother. They get stranded in a snowstorm. Will Sally and Ben find Love? Will the children learn that they can have fun with a plain holiday with no modern electronics? You can read about this story in the book called "A Plain Holiday" by Patricia Davids. You could read both these stories in the book called "An Amish Family Christmas" by Martha Perry and Patricia Davids.