Love Unexpected by Jody Hedlund

Love Unexpected - Jody Hedlund
What a sweet story this book is. Emma and her brother Ryan start out on a steamer boat. They are attack by pirates. Emma see that the steam boat catch fire. Emma and Ryan jump into the lake and are now trying to survive. Patrick see the steam boat catch fire. 
Things start to happen once they arrive to the island. Patrick is in need of a wife to watch over his son Joisah. There are secrets and a romance and a traveling preachers believe they may be answers to each other problems. Can they find the true meaningful word of wife and husband. Will Emma find her own home? Though for having faith you need to believe in god himself and not believe in people. You can not put all your faith in people you love to have all that you need. Does Patrick, Emma or Ryan find that faith? Do they find Joisah? To know these answer and more you need to read the book. Will Patrick get over his Past?