A Shining Light by Judith Miller

A Shining Light - Judith McCoy Miller

This book is a sweet book. Though it starts with a death. It almost has the acting of Amish community. Those it is not Amish related. It a community that lets outsides in or to become part of the community after awhile. Though Andrea must choose if she want to be part of it or not. While she is there see needs to work and her son must start going to their school. What will Andrea do? Will she choose their life in Amana or will she leave with her son? 


Dirk Knefler takes her son under his wing. Is the simple life what she wants for her and her son? You would need to keep up comforts and freedom from the outside world. There a twist and turns though out the book. Will they end up leaving or messing her and her son in the wrong? What will happen between Andrea and Dirk? When someone shows up end expectantly will it rip up Andrea and Lukas life up.

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