Zodiac by Romina Russell

Zodiac - Romina Russell

This book starts out with a family that live in house Cancer. It about a 16 year old student that has a unusual way of reading the stars. The family is Romina and Stanton and her dad. Her mother leaves her family. It mostly about Romina her talent.

There a blast at her school that she attending and reading stars. Rho is told she has to re-do the test. Though she see something in the first time. She does it with out the measurements unlike her classmates.  They all thinks she making up stories. There as event that happens while she with the band. What happens here starts a chain reaction. Only a few students survive the event.

Any of the survivors that survive are sent back to their home planet. Though Rho and her friends end up going to House of Cancer. Everyone is surprised to see all destruction. Things get more exciting once they reach Ocean 6 station on House Cancer.

The book get you hook to wanting more and it even get better. There are adventures throughout the book. There are twist and turns. It keep you guessing at whats going happen. Is he Dark Matter real? Is Rho Guardian of House Cancer? What will happen next? Did the Council do the right thing by taking Guardianship of Rho?

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